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Posted By: GUEST,Okiemockbird
11-Feb-00 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
Subject: RE: BS: copywright question - not mudcat related
I think the vested interests would LIKE for private copying (for the car, say) to be made illegal, but they know it'll be a long time, if ever, before they can make that idea stick. Once someone starts making money from private copying, though, they want their cut. It's too late for them to collect royalties on every use of a Xerox machine, but I think they would if they could. I believe they collect a royalty on all sales of blank digital audio tape. So someone who backs up vinyl to CD in his own home with his own equipment is, at least for now, beyond their reach. But if you make the equipment available, or even rent it to people who take it home and do their copying there, I suspect they'll try to make an example of you. They don't want people to make CDs from their old vinyl albums, they want people to go back to the record store and buy their CD versions of the old albums. Maybe for us it's no different from making a Xerox machine available: the user is responsible for the use he makes of it. For the copyright barons it is very different because, unlike the war against photocopying of print, it's a war they probably would think they would have a good chance of winning. Because they have the money, merely by thinking they can win they increase their chances of winning.