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Posted By: Bonnie Shaljean
20-Jun-06 - 06:05 PM
Thread Name: How many Fiddlers are in England
Subject: RE: How many Fiddlers are in England
Paul, my take on "too fast" is not a particular tempo - it's when the subtleties and nuances of the music get lost in the rush, and it comes out flat and either boring or hysterical. The first casualty is usually the decoration or the phrasing (or both), whereas the same tune at the same speed in the hands of a master fiddler is mesmerising. It's the difference between colour and black-&-white, two-dimensional & three. Hard to define in words, but everyone can recognise it when they hear it.

And in how many sessions do you get a Tommy Peoples or a Sean Keane or a Frankie Gavin? Too often it's just wannabees who haven't done their listening homework or put in the years of work, and simply go for the flash without the depth, the immediate results without the seasoning. It's not speed that bothers me, it's when there is ONLY that - as though the person has simply learned the dots and cranked them up as fast as possible. There's a lot of it about, unfortunately - all the more reason to pay heed to the fiddle greats and learn from them.