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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
10-Feb-00 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: Cathartic Songs: yours?
Subject: RE: Cathartic Songs: yours?
I gotta agree with Mary Ellen Carter, ya... I hope I never get tired of that one...

I've been ending my folkier shows these days with James Gordons "Lonesome Cowboy's Lament"... but that just might be because of the itchy feet...

I go way over the top with my version of Mike Cross's "The Bountyhunter"... Lotsa raking harmonics and percussion on the body of the guitar... Makes me feel just a little bit like Don Ross.... ;-)

One more Stan Rogers tune here... I love playing "House Of Orange" for the *expletive deleted* who request rebel songs all night trying to get the pub fired up and start fights... I automaticly ignore any *expletive deleted* who's first question upon meeting me is "Poddy or Cath.?" "Get *expletive deleted*!" is my response, and I walk away, pick up my DADGAD, turn everything way up and play House of Orange... "For causes are ashes where children lie slain!"

The band has been rounding out the night with the sweetest version of Mingulay Boat that I think I've ever heard... We start it out hard and upbeat, like a working song should be and we sink into the horizon with a great atempo accapella chorus at the end... great harmony... I get chills just thinking aobut it...

Sam Hall (yer a bunch of muckers all, Damn yer eyes..) is great for those appathetic audiences... Or a song I got from Len Wallace called "F^ck off And Die!" LOL!!