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Posted By: MMario
10-Feb-00 - 11:59 AM
Thread Name: current tavern number is 21
Subject: Lyr Add: SILENCE AND FOG
jaysus, this place is lookin' rundown and neglected....everyone must be off doing song challenges and tasting desserts. I'll just polish up the caffiene machine, dust off the bar, and *phew! empty the jello pit.

Very foggy this morning - drove for almost 45 minutes through fog before it finally burned off. Don't think I've sung this one around here before....


Silence and fog, grey fog, grey fog
Silence and fog surround me
Nothing do I see, there's no one beside me
Just silence and fog, grey fog, grey fog
Silence and Darkness within me

Where is the light? Where is the Life?
Won't you light a candle for me?
A beacon in the night, Shining so bright
To drive away the darkness in me.

Darkness and fog, grey fog, grey fog
Silence and darkness within me

Where is the sun? I know the day's begun!
Won't you sing a song to cheer me?
Notes floating through the air, for all the world to hear
To open up this silence in me

Silence and fog, grey fog, grey fog
Darkness and silence within me

I'll give you my heart, and vow we'll never part
Now that I know how I need thee
YOur brightness and song, will dwell where they belong
Beside my love, within me

Brightness and song, your song, our song
Brightness and song, within me
Your brightness and song, renew me