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Posted By: Beer
14-Jun-06 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hockey's back...Are ya happy about it?
Subject: RE: BS: Hockey's back...Are ya happy about it?
Have to disagree with you Susan. The "V" trap didn't do the Red Wing in. You don't out shoot your opponent if you are applying the "V" successfully. Detroit out shot the Oilers in every game and in two of them by very large numbers. The "V" doesn't permit you to have many shots on net. The Wings were not surprised by the "V". They have played against that system many times. They lost because of one factor. Rolson won the series for the Oilers. Plain and simple. The Wings also stunk.
As far as the present series I think it will be over tonight. Sorry Peace. You can't win if you can't score. The Oilers have to score on power plays. And their penalties are also doing them in.
But here is what really pisses me off. And here is where I also agree with "Gnu", Put the puck on the net. The only team that could pass the puck about 20 times before shooting "Then Scoring " were the Russians. The power plays are the most exasperating thing to watch. They pass the puck, pass the puck for god knows how many times then shoot and miss the net. Miss The Net!!! When players are in contests and they have targets to hit that pop up in the corners they hit them. In practice they shoot the puck and hit the net area. But in a game they miss the net so many times it is not acceptable. I don't mean when they don't have a clear shot. I mean when they do have a clear shot. They miss the net. A player that is paid X amount of big bucks should be fined and fined heavily each time they miss the net. I know , I know, this is bullshit. Well missing the net on a clear shot is also.
By the way Susan. A slap shot to create a rebound is acceptable. But a slap shot at the net and missing the net is not.
"Go Oilers"