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Posted By: GUEST,Rufus
11-Jun-06 - 09:30 PM
Thread Name: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don't...
Subject: RE: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don't...
Author: Bobert (
Date:   06-05-03 20:10

Don't worry nuthin 'bout dem cats, Dog. Most of 'em ain't worth a good chase. They get their noses up in the air 'bout folks funnin'. Yeah you want to talks about the origins os Scotish folk music fir hours upon end, then that's the joint fir ya. When I first started going over there I'd mess with em' and they'd get all upset and jump up an' down but these days they they ignore me like I'm Casper, 'er something. But I still drop by and mess with 'em jus' fir fun.

Now, don't gey me wrong. Some is purdy cool, ahhh,, like Amos, Little Hawk, Bee-Dubya, Kendall, Jerry Rassmussen, Nicole, CarolC and JtS, but most of collectively add up to a big ol, ahhhh, snore! Except the big jerks like Teribus, troll and DougR, who think that George Junior is God....

Enough, let me go on over there, light a stink bomb and skeee-adddle.