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Posted By: Sandy Wilkinson
30-Jan-97 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Red Yo Yo (Matt McGinn)
Subject: RE: Red Yo Yo - Matt McGinn (of the Calton)
I'm not getting much luck with this. If it helps anyone the first verses are:

Wee Anne took her yo yo,
To School she did go though,
She shouldna hae taen it at a',
It fell oot her haun',
And it rolled on the grun',
And it went through a hole in the wa',

CHORUS: Did ye find a red yo yo, red yo yo, red yo yo,
Did ye find a red yo yo wi' a wee yella string.

The darin' wee Annie,
She went tae the jannie,
A decent wee man as a rule,
It's pleasin' tae tell,
That he rang on his bell,
And asked every wean in the school,


If anyone knows the rest, I'd appreciate it.


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