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Posted By: Alice
10-Jun-06 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Help: Tips on singing falsetto?
Subject: RE: Help: Tips on singing falsetto?
M.Ted provided good information.
The best way to learn to use the upper part of your range is to find a GOOD voice teacher. You could ruin your voice by experimenting and creating bad vocal habits on your own.
You could call your local musicians union and find out if there are any voice teachers in your area who are union members. There are many people who advertise themselves as voice teachers or vocal coaches who are clueless about healthy vocal technique... they are just teaching a style or giving you songs to imitate instead of really understanding how to work with an individual's capability. The voice is too delicate to be messed with, so take care. Use it badly, and you could develop nodes on the vocal folds and lose your singing voice.
Remember that singing is a sound made by a delicate part of your body, the vocal folds, vibrating in different ways. Some ways to make them vibrate put a strain on them, and that is not what you want to do if you want to keep singing well all life long.
Here's a page with some info about falsetto