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Posted By: NH Dave
10-Jun-06 - 12:16 AM
Thread Name: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don't...
Subject: RE: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don't...
Diana, most tank battles are carried out in open areas well away from the average non-combatant. Tankers don't like to have their mobility taken away from them by streets and buildings. Since depleted Uranium is mostly used in tank shells, or shells fired from tanks, the average civilian can avoid primary ingestion by staying away from areas where tanks are maarshalling to fight, or where fighting has taken place.

After the fact there is bound to be some depleted Uranium dust blowing around over the landscape, but its percentage as compared with normal sand, is so low as not to be a problem for civilians in the cities. Bedouin, being natural desert dwellers will have more of a risk of exposure, so the prevention would be one of education of these people to avoid areas where heavy armored fire fights have occured. How effective this could be is anybody's guess, but being proud people keeping to their own guidance, they probably wouldn't heed the warning from a city dweller, of a hazard that they can not see, smell, or taste.