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Posted By: Teribus
09-Jun-06 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don't...
Subject: RE: Depleted Uranium ..if the expolsive don'
GUEST,Mo - 09 Jun 06 - 04:15 PM

"The use of depleted uranium shells is one of the more toxic scandals in the catastrophe called Iraq."

No it is not.

"DU shells and bullets have been used on a huge scale in both desert battlefield locations and in residential areas."

Yes mostly by Saddam Hussein down around Basra circa 1991

"The radioactive dust from the shells is widely beieved by many Iraqis and US military vets to cause a variety of cancers."

While it might be widely believed by the peace at any price brigade, the statement above has no basis in fact, according to WHO, studies carried out in Kosovo and environmental studies carried out at weapons firingranges in the USA.

"There is also deepening concern that this dust is being blown by the winds across the Middle East and beyond."

The deep concern only exists in the minds of those who think that the sky is falling.

"How can their manufacture and use be outlawed

Get yourself elected and pass a law, then watch as your guys and their equipment gets ripped to bits because you have failed to adequately protect them next time you actually need them