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Posted By: wysiwyg
09-Feb-00 - 10:16 AM
Thread Name: Should registration be required or not?
Subject: RE: Should registration be required or not?
Actually, 4:48 AM Guest, you might note from the length of the replies in both threads and the variety of thoughts expressed that Shambles has some company in thinking about these things. We would welcome your thoughts too, and I think most of us visit the Mudcat Cafe to visit with each other, share a few tunes, maybe see what a friend thinks about current events, maybe vent some recent or old hurt with someone who understands.

But we don't generally come expecting people to walk past our "table" and without any preamble just fire off a shot to our soft and tender parts. It's true that sometimes a fight starts over someone's poorly expressed passion but it isn't often nasty. I'm a new habitue' and it looks to me like a place where people try to keep it safe enough for everyone to be able to risk their own discomfort. It isn't PC, but it is generally not a place people visit to do a drive-by snooting. You might like visiting a place like that.

And sometimes we may mudwrestle in here but it is considered appropriate to introduce ourselves before the wrestling begins.

I really hope you'll join us.