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Posted By: Ritchie
06-Jun-06 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: New Hamish Imlach compilation CD
Subject: Lyr Add: TALL TALE (Watt Nicoll)
Gosh, doesn't time fly? In 1999 I made a request on Mudcat for a song by Hamish and Alan B supplied me with the lyrics. (I still owe him a drink!)
It was about a man whose wife told him he had to give up his hobby....collecting bottles of he....,

"Took the cork from the first bottle, had a little drink,
Kissed the bottle tenderly & poured it down the sink.
I uncorked the second, did the same as before.
Before I poured it down the sink, I drank a little more.
Uncorked the third, and I drank a little toast
To the losing of the ten friends I really liked the most.
Stood to attention, had another little drink,
Put the cork in the bucket and the whisky down the sink.

The next three bottles, they were very quickly swilled.
I uncorked and drained each, only drank a gill.
The next bottle baulked me, for the cork was very tight,
And the room was going round and round, which didn't help me plight.
I tried to gain me balance as I leaned against the wall,
But I couldn't draw the room from the damned sink at all.
When at last I drew it, with a mighty plop,
Fell on me arse, and I drank a glass of cork.

Well, the next sink was different, for the cork was very slack.
I held the room in one hand, and I knocked the bugger back.
I tried to count the empties as they dances before me eyes,
And I'd only got to twenty-three, when much to my surprise,
There were ten sinks of whisky, every one uncorked,
And the drain in the bottle it was very badly blocked.
And then I heard me wife as upon the door she knocked,
Fell in the bathtub and drank the bloody lot."

Now I've tried to get a recording to no avail, I had it once on vinyl but...., I bought a CD 'Sonny's Dream' but it wasn't on that.
Is it on the new one? I don't know what the track is called.


Ritchie (the happy chappy)