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Posted By: Charmion
25-May-06 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Subject: RE: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Is the mandolin your primary instrument or a sideline? It started out as a whim secondary to the guitar, and has become a fully primary obsession. The mandolin led me to the octave mandolin, which was the thin end of the wedge -- I now have two tenor banjos (one 17-fret and the other 19-fret) and a five-string banjo as well.

Do you perform regularly with others? I'm still learning tunes and getting up to speed. I take lessons every two weeks or so, and play occasionally in sessions. I would play every week if I had more time and more stamina -- the local Irish one starts well after my bedtime. The octave mandolin is good for accompanying Edmund's bloodier ballads.

Are you part of an organized group? No.

What type of music do you play? Irish, Scots, Canadian and American jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes etc. on both the little fella and the octave, and English & Scots traditional songs on the octave.

What style would you LIKE to be playing? When I grow up I wanna be Dave Grisman -- without the whiskers.

Are you happy with your mandolin? It's a very nice mandolin, especially considering how relatively inexpensive it was, but it doesn't really have enough -- how shall I put this -- guts for session playing. Consequently, next year's tax refund is already spent: I have bespoken an Trillium A-style, sort of an UnGibson A4, from a New Hampshire luthier named Robert Abrams.

What type/style/brand of mandolin do you own? My mandolin is a Kentucky KM250S, very dark brown (almost black) with white binding and rather more mother-of-pearl on it than the ones you see on the Elderly Instruments site. My octave mando is by Peter Cox of Midland, Ontario; it has a Western red cedar top and cherry back and sides, with a mahogany neck and absolutely no decoration.

Amplification? What's that? Do I have to? Is that on the exam?