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Posted By: John Hardly
21-May-06 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Subject: RE: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
I'm a guitar player who picked up mandolin for three reasons: 1. I LOVE guitar mandolin duets -- seems like they are match made in heaven. 2. I was learning fiddle tunes and found them easier to master on mandolin -- still true for me. 3. Too many guitars at the jams.

I play with some jam groups, and am just in the process of forming a group to play -- this time with me on mandolin.

As mentioned before, I play mostly fiddle tunes, but my favorite musician (that's a hard phrase to say) is Tim O'Brien and I've taken to playing some of his songs. I've also taken to trying out some jazz standards and find they work nicely.

I have a Flatiron (signed by Weber) A5 and I love it.

I posted this over at the Cafe some time back:

Top ten reasons why guitar players take up mandolin.

10. You could be one of twenty guitar players at your local jam…
...or you could be the mandolin player.

9. EADG……B?!!

8. You wanted to be able to finally hear yourself at jams…
...and fiddles don't have frets.

7. Grisman

6. You don't know from bluegrass, but you know Maggie Mae (and maybe Mellencamp's Rock and Roll)

5. You wanted a reason to use those cool Golden Gate and Dawg picks.

4. You finally figured out that chicks don't dig guitar players after all…
...and, well, if that's the case, you no longer worry about how tiny your instrument is.

3. Skaggs and Rice

2. You love the looks of flamed maple, but it never seemed to sound as good in a guitar.

…and the number one reason guitar players take up mandolin...

1. You can't steer your car with your knees and play the guitar while driving.
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