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Posted By: Mark Clark
19-May-06 - 12:35 PM
Thread Name: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Subject: RE: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Is the mandolin your primary instrument or a sideline?
I just purchased a mandolin at the end of January. I've been taking it to jams but haven't performed with it yet. My main instrument is guitar.

Do you perform regularly with others/are you part of an organized group?
I perform regularly in a bluegrass band.

What type of music do you play?
I play all sorts of music: blues (piedmont & country), folk, a little thumbstyle, the ocassional jazz tune and, of course, bluegrass.

What style would you LIKE to be playing?
On mandolin, the thread subject, I'm primarily interested in bluegrass. I need the instrument in the band and although there are some wonderful bluegrass mandolin players in my area they are all working in other bands. Once I've mastered bluegrass mandolin I'll probably be interested in some jazz and Jethro Burns things.

Are you happy with your mandolin?
Yes, I'm quite happy with it. At a jam recently I had people tell me they could hear it's "chop" outside the restaurant where we were playing and across the street. The restaurant has no sound system. It also is capable of wonderfully "woody" soft tones and is toneful and clear all the way up the fingerboard.

What type/style/brand of mandolin do you own.
My mandolin is an Eastman MD815 (#113). It's a Gibson F5 copy made in Beijing by skilled craftsmen. Back and sides are flamed Maple as you'd expect. The top is solid Spruce. Both back and top are carved. The fingerboard extension is scooped to prevent pick noise at the "sweet spot" for picking. It's finish is a beautiful dark sunburst. I think it's dimensions are closer to the Gibson Lloyd Loar originals than most F5 copies. The neck is a slim modified V that is extreemly comfortable to play. I've played mandolins costing twice the retail value of mine that didn't sound or look as good.

      - Mark