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Posted By: Spot
18-May-06 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Subject: RE: Mandolin Mudcatters survey
Allo everybody...
                   I play a couple of English Oakwood Teardrop Special (LOUD!!) and Collings MT2 .. they're used in the duo I play in and I can't play either half as well as I'd like!!I'm primarily a guitar picker (Lowden 032 - utterly wonderful!!). I guess we play mostly English trad with a few twists of our own.I would like to be Red Rector (the BEST!! and better than BM, for me!!)ermmm, when he was alive, that is!! Or Jethro Burns without the corn!! That other guys not bad either,,ermmm Slam Crush?? :-)
                  I'd give my right arm to be as good as anybody better than me, actually!! (hee-hee)

Am I happy with 'em??   On a good day, delirious!! Lets not mention the bad !!
I can never keep the bloody things in tune!! MT2 can be chronic, even with factory supplied replacement tuners - drives me nuts!!

Having said that, I'm in market for a quality F-style in UK!! Anybody got any for sale??

                      Regards to all, as ever....Spot