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Posted By: InOBU
17-May-06 - 03:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: buying a gypsy caravan
Subject: RE: BS: buying a gypsy caravan
They? Cyril? Daithi Joyce, the Barrister, a proud Traveller, former head of litigation for the ITM in Dublin? They? Tom Sweeny who organised in England so that halting sites could get mail and education? They? My mate Jack Gorman, a one man ITM movement for America's some 60,000 nomadic American Irish Travellers... They? Bernadette Deviln McCalisky? They? my friend Paddy Keenan? They? The Fury Brothers? They, You use the word "Gypsies"... so do you also mean Romany people? They? Ron Lee the Romany lawyer in Canada, They? the lingusist and activist Dr. Ian Hancock? they... me mum?

Who would I mean if I said they... about you? It is very hard to navigate the world with rose colored sunglasses when you are struggling to keep Romany people from being sterilized against their will in Eastern Europe - today, from being murdered in every nation... women and children for the crime of being born Traveller or Romany ... working to stop the many arrests in the US on false charges to investigate communities which have been branded criminal subcultures by ignorant folks like you, though, the few honest studies - as pointed out by the Tarrant County Texas prosicutor's office points out, show no greater amount of crime than the general population. Well, let's call every murder, every robbery committed by your lot, Irish crime. Even better, all the crime by non-Romany people, Gadzhicane crime... pin every act from Caligula to George W Bush on your poor shoulders...
Look Cyril, why don't you take the racist glasses off and join the human race, mate.

Nyes tuka, (to the real me...)
Jal a rakasa Cyril

Baxt to all,