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Posted By: GUEST,duece
11-May-06 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: Child's Game: Elastics
Subject: RE: Child's Game: Elastics
I'm now 30, so back in ...1985 or so, we used to play "Chinese Skipping" all the time at recess. We had pretty, colourful, bought elastics, or just used a length of regular elastic (the kind used for sewing waistbands, etc. - is that 'knicker' elastic?).

I'm from little-town-Saskatchewan, Canada, so this 'sport' really has been around, hasn't it?! The most I (and friends) can recall is there being about 15 steps, and the term Mississippi also rings a bell. It is above in the thread. Thanks for that reminder.

Two people would hold the elastic on the ends, and all others took turns. Everyone did 'jump #1' (or 'M'). If you all did it, then you all moved on to the next round. Then the first person would start again (now 'jump 2'), and would have to perform the steps from jump 1 & 2 (so do 'M' & 'I') in succession. If, at any time, you messed up a jump, you were out. You tried to get through all of the steps, obviously, without making a mistake.

The steps we did were similar to those in the "Mississippi" steps above, but I'm sure that each of the 11 steps was different (none was repeated). I'll have to get together with some old girlfriends this summer, and we'll try to figure them out (we're all teachers now, so might be able to get together over summer break).

If ANYONE else knows any more STEPS, that would be great... I am planning to teach my kids at school.   The Opie link above was also good. Thank you.