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Posted By: Escamillo
04-Feb-00 - 11:14 PM
Thread Name: Should registration be required or not?
Subject: RE: Should registration be required or not?
As many of you may have noticed, the net is a dense forest of stupidity. I've visited many places, stayed for a while, read other's messages and left as soon as I saw those symptoms. The Mudcat was one of the few exceptions, so I stayed and enjoyed and learnt. I wonder how long would I stayed if I had seen the kind of messages that we have seen here in the last month or two. 10 minutes? an hour ? I would say "oh, just another apparently good place plagued by flamers ! -no, thanks." And I may have had very little (as I have) or very much to contribute.
Then, suggestion:
1) Display a set of rules at the entrance door.
2) Allow guests read everything, as it is now.
3) Allow guests to fill a form with ONE music request at a time, and a short comment.
4) Encourage guests to register and then allow them full rights to start threads.
5) Let the cookie be an option. Those members without a cookie would have to enter a password, it's simple.

I don't know wether this is technically possible or not. Being a programmer/analyst, if I can help in any way, I'm at your orders. Or you prefer I sing ?? :))
Un abrazo - Andrés