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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
04-Feb-00 - 03:48 PM
Thread Name: Should registration be required or not?
Subject: RE: Should registration be required or not?
It hurts me to agree with anything that gangrene or whatever it calls itself posts, but I think that for once it has said something true. Trying to make this place safe against its disciples just won't work. If you are malevolent and obsessive enough you can always find ways of getting in and stirring the shit. It's so easy to get extra email addresses that it wouldn't even be hard for them, and they'd get an extra little kick out of the process, I imagine.

I hate the way things have been going, and worry that we are going to lose really good people we already know, and never get to know other good people.

Anything Max comes up with that improves things is fine by me - but on the whole I favour sitting tight with as few controls as possible, and totally ignoring anything from any anonymous GUEST. As for unpleasant posting from people people signing in as GUEST+ a name, on a case by case basis, ignore rather than respond. If you see some nasty jibe that is meant to hurt someone, send a personal message of support to the intended victim, and maybe to a few other people, suggesting they do the same.

Basic rule is, the people who are trying to screw up this site do not exist.

Remember the nasty stuff is only a tiny fraction of the good stuff. Worse things happen at sea, as they say. This is still a much more friendly and supportive and interesting place than anything I have found elsewhere in the net - including places which are a whole lot more securely regulated.