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Posted By: BK
04-Feb-00 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
Subject: RE: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
Not too recently, but not decades ago either, I did hear joan sing.. one of the saddest disapointments I've had. VERY underwhelming. put out very little effort, used canned asccompanyment part of the time & made me miss the Furies, Schooner Fare, Danny Doyle, Sally rogers, Garnett.. ie, just abt anybody who made an effort. It was disgusting.

As for her politics.. I've travelled a bit, lived in the "third world" a couple years (and in a regular neighborhood, not a "Golden Ghetto" American enclave), etc.. It's clear that xenophobia & all sorts of personal and societal misbehaviors & psychopathologies are general features of the whole human race, sadly.. Each group may express different degrees & types of evil - and do it in their own unique, culturally & historically appropriate ways, of course, but the urge to do evil gets expressed anywhere there are people.

It might be great if "they gave a war & nobody came..." so why doesn't joanie just sweet talk the folks killing women & children, doing ethnic cleansing, etc, for sport & vengance & the glory of their causes, into "not coming" to the next party they throw in Kosovo or Iran, Iraq, or Lybia, etc, etc.. or even Northern Ireland. (Let alone the more exciting neighborhoods in any American big city, on the wrong side of the tracks..)

I've thought for decades that Pogo was right.. we certainly HAVE met the enemy & he is certainly us.. I see no reason to think otherwise...

Cheers, BK (who is not usually this morbid)