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Posted By: Chief Chaos
03-May-06 - 11:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: The History of England part one.
Subject: RE: BS: The History of England part one.
You're never going to believe this!
I've just received news that will turn the world on it's ear!

Archaeologists working in the vicinity of Loch Ness have uncovered several woad vats that are smaller and seem to have been deliberately placed in hidden areas not to far from known Pictish settlements. At first the scientists thought they might be hidden storage or places were Picts were experimenting with different woad recipes. But the discovery of several snake skeletons at the bottom of these vats seems to point in a different direction. It had long been fabled that young Picts, looking for a better "buzz" than their parents woad would deliver, would throw poisonous snakes into woad vats and let them stew. The parents would have probably objected to this, hence the small, hidden vats. There seems to be some evidence to support this conclusion as partial skeletons of giant chickens have also been found in the vicinity of these vats. This breed of giant chicken was known to have fed on both polecats and snakes. Because the giant chicken would have to dart in and grab the snake or polecat and then dart out before the picts could catch it, it earned the name of "Woad Runner". The partial skeletons with human teeth marks on the bones indicate what happened when the woad runner was caught by the Picts who were feeling quite peckish (they had the munchies) after their dunk in the woad. The most amazing discovery though would indicate that the known history of the discovery of the new world is false. The snake skeletons are distinctly that of a species of pit viper only found in North America named Copperheads. This means that the Picts must have discovered the new world first and brought the snakes back with them. Thus the legends of Copperhead Woad has been proven to be true.