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Posted By: Barbara
03-Feb-00 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
Subject: RE: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
As a kid and a cartoonist, I sure loved Al Capp, (is that right, or was it a K?) but as I grew up, I couldn't help but notice he really had it in for us women, and for anybody left of right. Joany Phoney took the same limo tour of Dogpatch as Margaret Chase Anybody, and a bunch of other politico types. But I still have a fondness for Joe Pzblcksky(sp?) and his thundercloud, and the schmoos...
Joan used to be pretty self righteous, and it doesn't seem like she's changed all that much. Lot of us could use the leavening of a sense of humor, and she REALLY could...sure has a nice voice though.