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Posted By: Rick Fielding
03-Feb-00 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
Subject: RE: Baez interview. Americans and enemies
Poor old Joan. I think she may be having some trouble feeling relevant these days. What she says about "creating enemies, is of course spot on, but it's hardly an American thing exclusively is it? I forget which philospher said that a "nation constantly under seige is a healthy one". Guess they meant that the "big issue" keeps the population focused. One of the only countries I can think of that has not been regularily under threat of seige is my own, Canada. Sure, we whine about the constant threat from the U.S., but that's an economic worry, and not a bombs and guns one. Tends to make us much more liberal (at least in thought, if not always in deed) in dealing with issues like poverty, racism, and health care. And of course many of us see Old Castro as a long winded but probably well-meaning geriatric hippy, rather than the face of godless, evil, enslaving, communism.

Re Joan: I think it must be difficult having once been at the absolute heights of fame, to find yourself with very few ass-kissers, no major record label, and having to accept "Lifetime achievement" awards just to get a little ink in the papers.