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Posted By: AllisonA(Animaterra)
25-Apr-06 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: NEFFA 2006
Subject: RE: NEFFA 2006
After a day of recovery, I am happy to say that I too enjoyed NEFFA but by mid-day Sunday, my visions involved a 12-foot bull-whip...

I didn't get to visit with y'all as much as I had hoped, but enjoyed seeing Sinsull and Jacqui- it was a treat to see you at the singing workshop! Missed all but 10 minutes of "Ye Mariners All"- I was squished into a corner of the tiny space by the door, so popular were those good men! I barely got to any other workshops, but enjoyed seeing Sandy and Caroline, dear bbc, Dick and Susan, the 'chucks; saw Pamela from a distance, Anglo from a distance, Suffet from a distance- missed Bat Goddess and Curmudgeon all together.

I WISH I coulda seen you morris dance, Sins! Next time you feel so moved, I'd be happy to coach you. Never thought of bras- what a great idea! I'll tell my team, who knows, we could set a trend!

My daughter has stopped coming to NEFFA because there's no place to go when you just need to retreat to your quiet space, as there is at Old Songs (a woman's tent is her sanctuary!). Rumor has it that NEFFA will be in an as-yet-undisclosed location in Quincy next year. Maybe the halls are wider, the classrooms bigger, the parking closer??? We can dream!