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Posted By: Marki
02-Feb-00 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Vietnam War
Subject: RE: Songs about Vietnam War
Well, unfortunately I'm too young to have been around at the time of the Vietnam War and I don't even know a whole of history about it. Never-the-less I do know a couple of good songs about it (which is what this thread started out as, right?)

One is called "A Veteren's Song" by the Scottish rock group Nazareth. Sorry I don't know the words off hand, but it's quite touching & depressing.

Two is the song "The Wall". I believe other's here have mentioned it (written by Tim Murphy). I have a fabulous version of it sung by John McDermott (on his CD "If ye break Faith").

Another song about war but not specifically the Vietnam War is "After the War". No not the one that was mentioned earlier here. It's one by Paul Gross (Canadian actor/singer/songwriter) and it's on his cd "Two Houses". It's basically any soldiers song. I cried the first couple times I heard it. Again, sorry I don't know the words off hand.

I appreciated reading everybody elses rants & raves. Quite fascinating, especially for someone like me who as a young Canadian, doesn't know too much about the Vietnam War. Thanks. It's been a good read.