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Posted By: lamarca
02-Feb-00 - 01:04 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Vietnam War
Subject: RE: Songs about Vietnam War
Warning: thread creep....

Spaw, yesterday you wrote:
Last, I let a friend read it who is a high school government teacher and he asked he could have a copy. I said no. This was a very personal thread and I would want permission from everyone on it before I gave it to anyone...

This is the kind of attitude about the Mudcat discussion group that NEEDS to be countered. THIS IS NOT A PRIVATE FORUM!!! All of these very personal revelations are up here and available for everyone in the whole world to see. If you are uncomfortable about having them passed around to people you don't know, you should not be posting them!

'Spaw, this isn't meant as an attack on you personally, but I wish more people would begin to understand that once they've posted something here on the 'Cat, it is open to ANYONE who clicks on that thread.

We regular posters have developed a community of people who like to reach out and correspond with each other about things that are important in our lives. This thread has been an important example of this. But please, always realize that our "audience" isn't limited to the friends we have made here.

Sorry for the digression, but this has pushed my buttons about privacy and the Web big time...