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Posted By: Muttley
21-Apr-06 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: beer commercials/jingles
Subject: RE: beer commercials
Some goodies in there.
But the two that stand out are the "Watney's Red Barrel" which reminds me of the hilarious Monty Python sketch where the bloke goes into the travel agent to order a package tour and spends the next twenty minutes droning on and on and on and on and on and on and on ...................... you get the picture.......................about previous ones and the Watney's Red Barrel line crops up regularly.

The other was Pabst Blue Ribbon - again a comedy link - Wayne & Schuster who did a brilliant sketch called "A Shakespearean Ball Game" where the entire dialogue was conducted in Shakespearian idiom and using quotes from, as well as alluding to, Shakespearean plays

Foolestroupe reminded me of the alcoholic lemonade - - - it was indeed called "Two Dogs" and it was pretty good. Stopped drinking it for a while and then when I went looking for it once - couldn't locate it and then over time forgot about it - bloody nice drop.

However we have two offerings from Australia:

A common and long-running ad for Victoria Bitter (I hate the stuff) has this "poem" that goes sort of "You can get it Towing, You can get it mowing, you can get it milking a cow - -- matter of fact; I've got it now. A big thirst needs a big cold beer and the best cold beer is Vic! Victoria Bitter."
Crap beer but an emotive ad.

Best beer commercial of all time has GOT to be the latest one promoting 'Carlton Draught' beer.

It is a 'chant' to the tune and rhytm of "O Fortuna" from Orffs 'Carmina Burana'

"This is an ad . . . .
It's a big ad . . . .
This is a ve - - e - - ry b - i - g a- - - - - d!
It involves "hundreds" of people rushing together in robes of differing colours - some as a human figure - others in the shape of a glass of beer complete with 'head' and finally as the ad comes to a close the figure has its arm upraised with the glass in hand and the beer 'pouring out of the glass, into the open mouth, down the throat and then 'swirling around' down in the 'stomach'

Incredibly clever and well done.

BTW - all praise to 'moongoddess' for bringing this subject up in relation to "America's Team" the Boston Red Sox. Was 'drafted as a supprter by an American friend about 4 years ago and was just as delighted as she when we won the World Series - especially as we knocked off the Yankees to do it!