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Posted By: Charlie Baum
17-Apr-06 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: Dates for Getaway this year? - Nov 3-5, 2006
Subject: RE: Dates for Getaway this year? - Nov 3-5, 2006
Sorry about the conflict with NOMAD.

The camp is laid out with 5 houses and 1 retreat center. Each of the 5 houses has eight bedrooms. The retreat center has 10 bedrooms. That's 50 rooms. Each and every room has two lower bunks and two upper bunks. That's 200 beds, 100 lower and 100 upper, EXCEPT that one room is a sextuple--three lower bunks and three uppers. So there are 202 beds-- 101 lower and 101 upper. The committee needs to figure out how to allocate the bedspaces, and how to solve the problem that lower bunks will be at a premium (for those too old to make it into top bunks). The committee also needs to figure out policies for issues of privacy for couples (or individuals) unwilling to share a bedroom with one other couple, especially if we have significantly more than 101 lodgers. (You can send feedback/your 2-cents-worth to me privately either by Max's private messages or special ATSIGN

All houses have two bathrooms, one for men and one for women (unless the inmates decide to allocate them in other fashion). There's flat ground for mobile trailers (no hook-ups, though), and lots of motels nearby in places like Annapolis and Deale and Chesapeake Beach.

All spaces are heated, which should cut down on/eliminate the mold.

And Kendall, perhaps if you don't have that cup of tea, you will need to pee less in the middle of the night.

--Charlie Baum, FSGW, in a more or less official capacity, except for the snide remark to Kendall at the end, for which I apologize herewith, but I couldn't resist