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Posted By: BarbaraLynn
01-Feb-00 - 10:49 PM
Thread Name: Songs about Vietnam War
Subject: RE: Songs about Vietnam War
That's an interesting "take" on what the VC might have thought . And certainly is well written, I wish I knew the tune so I could better put it together, but I don't think I know it, will have to check the files.

In a more serious vein, and pursuant to the thread, since I had a loved one (my fiance) over there with the Marines in '67-'68, different songs to me symbolize the Vietnam War. Songs like "Soldier Boy" (don't recall who did it), and "Unchained Melody" (Righteous Bros.). "Cruel War" (PP&M) was one I played again and again on my guitar, although it was hard to get through it without tears.

At the time, Our Song, his and mine, was "Never My Love" (The Association), which I had on a 45 rpm record (remember those?). Played that practically non-stop in my college dorm room while writing letters. fiance did not come back alive. So, after a while, I put that record away.

A couple of years later, I took all my 45's, which were boxed in some sort of order, and I turned the whole stack over and put them on the turn-table, figuring to listen to all those "flip sides" that never made it big, stuff I'd never heard. I was working away on something, and this song came on that just froze me -- mind and body. It was a stirring, but mournful, song about the death of a soldier...and when I went to see WHAT it was on the back was on the back of Our Song. The title of it is "Requiem for The Masses" (The Association) and it is most definitely about the Vietnam War. And it was there all along, like a hidden sign or something....