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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
12-Apr-06 - 03:49 AM
Thread Name: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
Subject: RE: History - BBC's 'Singing Together'
In our school Park Junior in Boston, Lincs. Two classes came together. The programme was repeated in the week. cos we had the nature programme, and we sometimes caught the fag end of the repeat, and started singing spontaneously to it.

two classes came together. us and the B class.
for notes and a song(Grammar School Puppy Dog) about the class system in schools in those days see my website

The big old wooden radio was kept on a special high shelf (out of our reach) in the corner of the room. The teacher's pet was entrusted with the great honour of turning the radio on an d off every week, when the order came.

the pamphlets were given out at athe start of every singing lesson. the lessons weren't popular as we we squashed three in a desk that was designed for two..... someone always got introuble for pushing someone else so they landed on the floor. I remember also the smug smiles of satisfaction from some girls at being squashed in a desk next to lad that was generally fancied by the other girls. There were enough pamphlets for two between three - although when one or two kids were standing in the corner, for larking about and squabbling - you sometimes got your own book.

The worse was when you got stuck sitting next to slow reader, who tried following the words with his finger. Non readers were better than this as they tended not to give a shit, and let you have the book - however proximity to them frequently carried the risk of infestation. Also as the lesson came straight after playtime, you could be stuck next to some idiot who had been running round in the rain playing football, and he would be dripping all over you for half an hour. A footballl playing slow reader dripping all over the book, just about put the tin hat on it.

quite often, these were the kids from poorer backgrounds who ended up taking these booklets home. The teacher would be looking for some little present he could give the poorer kids for Christmas and he would give them last years book.

I wonder if these memories are shared by anyone else?