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Posted By: GUEST,Don Meixner
11-Apr-06 - 12:15 AM
Thread Name: House Concerts a Federal Case
Subject: RE: House Concerts a Federal Case
Of course the rules change community by community, state by state. I asked the local zone god about this and I was told the second it was mentioned on an open website it was advertised. And the second any kind of payment of admission was asked for, no matter where the money went it became a business.

He further said that short of asking for and getting granted a change of use statute for the existing zone code these people will probably lose.
The bad part isn't that they will no longer be able to have house concerts when the spirit moves but it will set a precident in Pennsylvania banning house concerts in general for the people who had maybe one a year.

So we will have a couple dozen middleaged tubby people from all income levels pooling their money to rent a warehouse and hold the quietest, most mellow, and well behaved accoustic raves the east has ever seen.

"On the charge of wontonly playing guitar with banjo, whistle , and violin back up how do you pleade DR. Wilson?"

"Not guilty your Honor, I was leading the accapela Sea Chanty sing while we set the table for the pot luck."

"Bailiff! There is no mention of drugs in this arraingment report!"

"I'll look into it sir."

"Mr. DA? Mr. Public defender? A side bar?"