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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Apr-06 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Epson print drivers a load of crap
Subject: RE: Tech: Epson print drivers a load of crap
Bert -

What you've got is just a failure to communicate between your template and your printer.

Change the template, so it has a 5/8 margin on one side and 7/8 on the other like the printer thinks it's supposed to be, and things should line up.

Nearly every printer has an "unprintable" margin on each side of the paper. That margin is not adjustable on any printer. When you set a "margin" in your template, you're just telling the printer that there's an additional area where what the printer prints is "blank space." Especially with inkjets, the printer still prints up to the "unprintable" edge, it just doesn't squirt any ink in the white space that you include as "margin" in the template.

Your template has to be created specifically for the printer model you're using and for the program you're using it in; and as you're seeing, usually has to be "fine-tuned" for each individual printer. That's one of the reasons for my low opinion of pre-fab templates. They never work particularly well, they're usually ugly, and they nearly always require more work to "tweak them" to get them right than just making your own from scratch.

Of course, to do it the easy way a decent scanner helps, but you can print to plain paper, lay it over the blank form; and if it doesn't line up, tweak the template. (Note that the plain paper you print to really should be the same size as the form sheet.) If you have trouble seeing through the plain paper, just clip the corners down to what prints, and line up edges of the stuff on the form.

Working with a new printer - your's or someone else's - is always a little frustrating. You have to learn what it takes to make it be friendly.