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Posted By: DaveA
30-Mar-06 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: I just discovered Joan Baez
Subject: RE: I just discovered Joan Baez
I remember discovering her in the very early 60's when Joan Baez Vol II came out. Suddenly, it was impossible to go to a party without hearing her sing Kumbaya, Geordie and Danger Waters. I know I played Kumbaya incessantly, gave at least 3 girl friends copies of the LP (as it was then), & decided she was the epitome of a "folk singer". And to this day I still love to hear her early stuff.

But my parents (and others) were not so keen!!
Dad christened her "moaning Joan" & took great pleasure in showing me any Lil Abner cartoons which featured a character called "Joannie Phony". I admit to some small satisfaction when in later years a few less appealing facts about Al Capp (the author) became public.

But I guess mainly it was people becoming confused between her artistry & her social protest. In her early years, she had perhaps the purest voice on record & a remarkably appropriate guitar technique to support.

Amy, I envy you as you discover her.


and in fairness to Dad ( 26 years gone but still missed), later in the 60's we would take a record player & my collection of The Chad Mitchell Trio out into the backyard on a balmy summer night & play the lot (all 6 of them). Our tastes diverged but his heart was in the right place.