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Posted By: Big Mick
30-Jan-00 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: I love the mudcat.
Subject: RE: BS: I love the mudcat.
I am posting this as a second message because I did not want it to dilute from the sincere apology I was offering for the tone of my previous message. That needs to stand on its own. Jon did not have that coming, and losing him would be a tremendous blow.

What I do want to add is that in the apology, I do not want to lose that which I feel is correct in my post. Any 'Catter who is not aware of the tremendous price that Max pays to give us a site that we have come to love so, needs to become aware of it. I would not like to be ignored either, but if you would examine the load that Max is under to provide us all with the enjoyment we get here, then latitude when he errs should be the rule. And not knowing all the details, I am not even sure he erred. But I do know this; public chastisement of him should not be tolerated. Just sitting reading the original post, I thought of at least 4 other ways the message could have been gotten to him. And none of them involved scolding him publicly.

As to those among you who found my inviting someone to leave, you should remember that it was the original post that raised that spectre. While I had no right to come off so imperious, I was responding to the original post. I still stand by my contention that Max must always be given the benefit of the doubt in these circumstances. The sacrifices he makes on our behalf demand that. If there is something that needs fixing, offer assistance and not criticism.