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Posted By: Jon Freeman
30-Jan-00 - 03:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: I love the mudcat.
Subject: RE: BS: I love the mudcat.
Mick I may get a life and may leave but before I do you get real... In one of the examples I quoted above, there was a page It was publicly avaialable.. Thehere has been much paranoia round here but I kept that quiet and it appeared to need the help of another Mudcat member to get it sorted... The fact was I wasn;t listend to and much as I like the efforts Max has made, to have that publicly available is serous busnissess. Try to reconsider your stance here. If Max read for content and priorities that was urgent and if it had not of been for my good will, could have been badly abused. It should not of even taken the attempts of another person to help me...

Get real, think aboout the consequencses if someone else had found that... I posted to Max - get your head striaght man. I tried to stop what Max should not have allowed in the first place and was ignored