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Posted By: Jon Freeman
30-Jan-00 - 12:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: I love the mudcat.
Subject: RE: BS: I love the mudcat.
Well, I did love the Mudcat but I am rapidly going off it, not because of the people here but becuse of the way it appears to be run and I am getting pissed off.

Towards the end of last year, I sent a personal message to Max regarding an mp3 I wanted to send to for the Mudcat Radio- only me - no big deal but no reply.

Around the same time, I discovered a security problem in Mudcat that was serious. If you think the anon/ guest business was a problem, imagine what it was like when was PUBLICLY available. Yes, I am not joking I had free access to all of your member details. I have not got those but if anybody doubts my word, I will send them an HTML file which unless there was a much later change in the system, will allow anybody to assume anybody elses identity and allow posting to any thread (only included members who existed at that time)- at a minimum you can have the member ID for anybody.

Addmittedly Max was on holiday when I first posted but it took several attempts befroe there was any reply (I had got another mudcatter involved by that time but don't know whether that person had any involvement).

A couple of weeks ago, another Mudcatter posted to me as she wanted to send some songs to the Mudcat radio but the files were larger that her email account permitted. I agreed to use another method of transer and recieved the files and sent Max an email asking if he wanted them. Again, I have received no reply and I am stuck in the middle.

2 Days ago Max sent messages to some of us with ICQ, I tried to set up a room and tonight while he was on, tried to ask him what he thought - no reply. Most people at least have the courtesy to say "can't chatnow" or "will reply later"...

Max my be a busy man but this is the 4th time and I am sick of it. (And 2 of these involve something he says he wants contibutions or and 1 was probably the biggest security problem Mudcat has had)