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Posted By: raredance
27-Jan-00 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Tom Paxton Chords
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: ALL NIGHT LONG (Tom Paxton)
I guess I'm in a good mood tonight because the Tarheels broke their 4 game losing streak. However this will probably be the last one. I didn't see this one in the DT


by Tom Paxton (1969)

(C)All night (Em)long,
(C)dreaming (D)badly (D7)feeling (G)something's (Em)wrong;
(C)Faces (D)crying (D7)as they (G)fade a-(Em)way,
Who can say where they were (D)go(D7)ing?((Am7)(D7)

(G)I can't wait for (Em)winds to blow my (G)way.(Em)
(G)Let them shake the (Em)world, I know I (D)know (Am7)my (D)way,
I know the (Bm)songs that died unsung knew their way (Em)too
Most songs (Am)do, most songs (D)do.

Where's their song,
Did they leave it in their throats too long?
Were they waiting for a sunny day ?
Who can say whose wind is blowing?


All night long,
Someone's trying to believe he's strong.
Will he make it by the break of day?
Who can say whose power is growing?

rich r