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Posted By: raredance
27-Jan-00 - 09:39 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords Req: Tom Paxton Chords
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: FOREST LAWN (Tom Paxton)
When you have a bunch of songs that you want, it is much better to start a thread listing only one in the thread title. It is also a good idea to check the database first to see what is there. In these two cases a request for the chords would have been more appropriate since the lyrics are in the DT. I copied and pasted the lyrics from the DT in their entirety here becasue the DT lyrics are slightly messed up with lines out of order.

FOREST LAWN (Tom Paxton)

Oh, lay me (C)down in Forest Lawn in a silver (G7)casket,
Put golden flowers over my head in a silver (C)basket(C7).
Let the (F)drum and bugle corps blow (C)Taps while (B7)can-(Bflat7)nons (A7)roar
Let (D7)sixteen liveried employees pass out (G7)souvenirs from the funeral store.
I (C)want to go (G7)simply when I (C)go
THey'll (E7)give me a simple funeral there, I (Am)know.
(C7)With a (F)casket lined in fleece and (C)fireworks (B7)spellng (Bflat-7)out (A7)"Rest in Peace"
Oh, (D)take me when I'm (G7)gone to Forest (C)Lawn.

Oh lay me down in Forest Lawn, they understand there,
They have a heavenly choir and a military band there,
Just put me in their care, I'll find my comfort there,
With Sixteen planes in a last salute, dropping a cross in a parachute
I wanna go simply when I go.
They'll give me a simple funeral there, I know,
With a hundred strolling strings and topless dancers in golden wings
Oh take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn.

Oh, (G)come, come, come, come,
Come to the church in the (D7)wildwood
Kindly leave a contribution in the (C)pail(G)(Am7)(G).
Be as (C)simple and as trusting as a (G)child would
And we'll (D)sell you the (D7)church in the (G)dale(G7).

To find a simple resting place is my desire
To lay me down with a smiling face comes a little bit higher
My likeness done in brass will stand in plastic grass
And weights and hidden springs will tip its hat to the mourners filing past
I wanna go simply when I go.
They'll give me a simple funeral there I know
I'll sleep beneath the sand,
With piped-in tapes of Billy Graham
O take me when I'm gone to Forest Lawn.

Rock of Ages, (F)cleft for (C)me
For a (Am)slightly (G7)higher (C)fee.
Oh (D7)take me when I'm (G7)gone to Forest (C)Lawn.

from: Tom Paxton Anthology, 1971 United Artists Music

Copyright Tom Paxton