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Posted By: Scoville
09-Mar-06 - 10:52 AM
Thread Name: Difference in fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Difference in fiddle bows?
Wow--this is a cool thread. I don't have a clue what's going on but I'm reading it anyway in the hopes that I may someday know enough about fiddles for this to make sense.

Don't worry--I do know enough about musical instruments to believe that bows make a difference. My fiddling sounds a bit like a recently-castrated donkey but I'm sure that's 90% me and only about 7% my carbon-fiber bow (the fiddle is no work of art, either). I've only ever used the one bow but I do think it's heavy. Oddly, I reached this conclusion not because I know what I'm talking about but because, around here, heavy hammers are considered the mark of an amateur hammered dulcimer player. It made sense at the time. Ha ha.

The bow is a Coda Aspire (US $230). The fiddle came with two bows--one was too cheap to bother rehairing and the other was good but warped. Warpage is an issue around here so I went with carbon fiber since I won't be playing concerts any time in the next two decades, anyway.