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Posted By: Bert
07-Mar-06 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Difference in fiddle bows?
Subject: RE: Difference in fiddle bows?
I said "if the parameters were exactly the same." If a particular bow feels different then obviously this is not true.

JohninKansas, Thanks for that long discussion on inertia. You talk about the proper longitudinal moment of inertia but then say "a variety of longitudinal distributions of the weight along the length of the bow," Distributions of weight ALONG the bow would NOT affect the inertia in the direction of bowing. They might affect the rotational inertia about the cg a little but considering the structure of a good wooden bow a maker would not have a great deal of control over this. Bows are made with a long smooth taper to the wood. If rotational inertia was a significant factor then one would expect to see bows with thicker parts in odd places to adjust this factor. For example if you wanted to reduce the roational inertia one would place more weight near the cg. This is not apparent in anny bow that I have ever seen.

I love these discussions and readily admit that there must be vast differences between bows.

So send me the details of your favourite bow and I'll compare them and
see what I can come up with. Let's get this defined.

When I hear lots of vague opinions without dimensions and definitions I suspect that I'm hearing a load of old codswallop.