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Posted By: GUEST,_gargoyle
25-Jan-00 - 10:02 PM
Thread Name: Fifty Songs Everyone Should Know
Subject: RE: Fifty Songs Everyone Should Know

From: Allan C.
Date: 19-Jan-00 - 07:16 AM


Now why the Amster---, Amster---, did you do this?

For the entire last brain has been doing dejavu, hip-hop, flip-flops

Last year's, and this year's DATES are too close....(my checks are still being initialed with "gg's" for wrong years

I kept ignoring the thread...and then it became TOO MUCH .....TOO INSISTANT it was necessary to "check in"

Boy, this looked familar, been there, done that....WHY WAS THREAD here!!!! (Too much science fiction....too much abasinth wine???)((Good Lordy, I DON'T WANT TO BE CYSIPHUS AND RELIVE ALL MY PAST MISTAKES)) or in this case...."best suggestions."

Out of ALL the previous four year's postings....YOURS the closest to fulfilling all the various "Wyoming Womens' Dreams" (note the "plural" positioning of the apostrophe) and rendering me into a "permanent state of appolexy" and permanently removing my personae from ANY future web prescence.

WHAT possessed YOU to post SUCH a "refresher?????"