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Posted By: Helen
24-Jan-00 - 09:51 PM
Thread Name: Who are your favorite harpists?
Subject: RE: Who are your favorite harpists?
bobby's girl,

Patsy Seddon & mary McMaster are the duo called Sileas - hence the glowing reports of their harpistry. I haven't heard the Poozies albums - I heard they were a bit hard to get now, but I've heard really good things about them.

I'm starting to realise that there are so many types of harp music and we are lumping it all together under the title of "harp music"

Perhaps it would help to identify the music style or interest when we recommend these artists. I don't agree with categorising or labelling music & musicians to excess, but my thoughts are that I like the music & music styles of some of these harpers (non-pedal harp)or harpists (pedal harp) but not others and it tends to break downinitially into the type of music they play.

Any thoughts?

To start off: the two I recommended were Derek Bell, who plays (but doesn't sing) with the Chieftains, but also does solo work, and who plays Irish traditional music and a lot of O'Carolan music, and Sileas (Seddon & McMaster) are Scottish so they have a lot of traditional Scottish songs and tunes, and other stuff, and and they have a raucous sense of humour (I think) in the choice of songs they sing - very much from women's viewpoints, including mouth music, and they use the older "bawdier" versions and not the prettified, sanitised versions. Not the sweet & pretty stuff often thought of when the harp is mentioned.