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Posted By: M.Ted
15-Feb-06 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: Tech: A USB-connected Guitar
Subject: RE: Tech: A USB-connected Guitar
My synth guitar has a MIDI converter build in already, so I can plug it into any MIDI synthesizer module(just like I'd plug a keyboard in)--my point is that both of my synth modules have MIDI inputs, not USB, so I couldn't plug it directly into either of them--that's it--

I am sure you didn't mean it this way, John, but as a technical clarification for anyone trying to make sense of this, the MIDI signal doesn't have to go through the sound card to an external device--it goes through any regular serial port--

On my computer, I run one of the old style DIN8 serial cables to an Opcode MIDI translator, into which the 5-pin DIN MIDI cables are plugged--If I wanted, I could get a similar box that plugs into my USB or firewire ports for $50-60.

For about $150 and up , you can get devices that take either analog(microphone/guitar) or MIDI and input them via USB--

That device won't convert analog to midi, though--and the $200 or so MIDI guitar pick-up Grab mentions above requires a seperate MIDI converter device--

As far as whether the USB guitar works, it should work fine--no reason that it wouldn't--there have been MIDI guitars with built in synth modules(like mine) for a long time, this is one has a USB output on it, instead of a 5-PIN--