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Posted By: Keef
22-Jan-06 - 06:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Schapelle Corby
Subject: RE: BS: Schapelle Corby (importing cannabis into B
Polls show support for Schapelle has fallen off dramatically since the time of her trial and conviction. This may be explained by the short attention span of the public and the fact that she is yesterdays news and we should all move on. ( The only place that Scapelle will be moving on to is a much worse jail than she is in now).
False accusations of prior involvement with drug traffickers, a series of hopeless defence teams and disclosures of misdemeanors by some of her family members. Plenty of mud, and much of it has stuck.
Whenever I have had a discussion with someone who thinks that she is guilty I have found that their arguments are not based on fact or logic but mainly on innuendo or third hand claims of inside knowledge. This reminds me very much of the Lindy Chamberlain affair, a majority were convinced that she was guilty (some still are) despite solid vindication in the form of the missing "mattine jacket" found by chance some years later and that the incriminating "Foetal Blood" found in her car was actually carpet glue.
Through the many hours of evidence that Schappele gave at her trial, and during many television interviews she has consistently stuck by her claim of innocence. Psychologists have examined her videos and have stated that she shows none of the micro expression which give us all away when we tell porkies.
Perhaps those of you who are good poker players can have another look at the photo in

and see who you think has the losing hand.