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Posted By: GeorgeH
19-Jan-00 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Fifty Songs Everyone Should Know
Subject: RE: Fifty Songs Everyone Should Know
Yes, Liz, but how many of those 437 songs would you WISH to know . . . There isn't a single song in Joe's list I wouldn't rather disappeared entirely, even though a number of them are very powerful songs which CAN be performed to great effect.

There's no point in promoting something to the status of "cultural essentials" if they're going to be hackneyed (?sp) and cliched in the process. (It doesn't, generally, happen to "Ode to Joy"; why has it happened to "Amazing Grace" in 99% of its performances?)

Just my daily ration of sour grapes, folks!!

Or can we nominate the defining performance of our cultural essentials? (In which case I nominate Peter Bellamy for Amazing Grace, and upset the USians even further.)