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Posted By: Don Firth
17-Jan-06 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: Are you DONE buying instruments ?
Subject: RE: Are you DONE buying instruments ?

I have a José Oribé classic and an Arcangel Fernandez flamenco. I also have a GO-GW travel guitar with nylon strings. Twang!

Both full-size guitars are difficult to play while I'm sitting in my wheelchair because the lower bout of the guitar and the right wheel of the chair want to occupy the same space. That's why I got the travel guitar a few years ago. When held using a strap, it worked out beautifully. Also, for such a small box, it has a surprisingly full sound, rich tone, and good sustain. I love it! I keep it within arm's reach almost all the time. The steel-string models are also amazingly good. Astounding tone and volume for a small travel guitar.

The fingerboard of the nylon-string GO is an eighth of an inch narrower than a standard classic fingerboard. Luthier Sam Radding, who makes them, says that he gets a lot of orders from jazz guitarists who like nylon strings, but prefer a narrower fingerboard. Since the string spacing is fairly close to normal for a classic, this puts the 1st and 6th strings closer to the edges of the fingerboard. I've found that this is a bit inhibiting, because while playing, it's real easy to fall off the edge of the fingerboard with less than euphonious results. Sam builds each one of them to order. He's a great guy to work with, and he is willing to customize. So I'm about to order another nylon-string GO-GW with standard classic guitar string spacing and a full-width classic neck.

(Would you believe I'm also thinking about getting a plastic ukulele to play while I'm in the bathtub?)

Don Firth