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Posted By: Wesley S
16-Jan-06 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: Are you DONE buying instruments ?
Subject: Are you DONE buying instruments ?
I was wondering if there was someone out there that could truthfully say that they are done buying instruments. Someone that feels that they have all the instruments they could ever want - and of the quality that they want. Someone that never feels the need or desire to go into a pawn shop, guitar store, or garage sale because they are done - finished - and have no desire to get another whatever. Ever again.

Are we cursed - doomed to keep haunting these little out of the way places like E-bay to find our next primo condition prewar thingamabob ?

As a mandolin player I know that I'll never be allowed to sell the house to get a Lloyd Loar mandolin since they currently sell for around $100, 000 to 200,000. So I'm eventually going to have to settle for what I have. But when is that ?

Is there hope ? Maybe if I heard for someone who can say "Yup - I don't need anything else. Ever".

Are you out there ?

Signed - Addicted