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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
06-Jan-06 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: Mike Harding's Beautiful Music
Subject: RE: Mike Harding's Beautiful Music
Thanks Tom,

I've just read your lyrics and a shiver went through me!

And yes....I'd love to find the lyrics to Liberator somewhere as well...had a quick search but nothing so far.....

I've a 'strange' story as well, although it doesn't involve a song, but is along slightly similar lines.

Years back I worked as a medical secretary to a Cardiologist. As a child he'd watched 'Reach For The Sky' one day in the cinema. He was smitten by Douglas Bader, stayed in the cinema all day and watched the film over and over. He vowed there and then that he was going to be a pilot when he grew up. Many years later he joined the RAF and was a highly succesful pilot.

He later trained as a doctor, becoming a very highly thought of cardiologist. And one of his most precious patients turned out to be....Douglas Bader.

He looked after him for many years and was his cardiologist right up to the end. It broke his heart when Sir Douglas died, but I always thought it was so fitting that the young child in that cinema grew up, not only to be a pilot who based his whole attitude to life on Douglas Bader's, but also ended up being his friend and doctor as well AND being there for HIM at the end of HIS life. Two lives intertwined at different stages.

How strange some things appear to be, yet they always seemm to happen for a purpose...and how lovely that your grandfather survived Tom, against some inexplicable odds and that you became a musician and singer, able to write the song of his story and pass it on for many others to hear. And how strange that it is Mike's father who has brought us all together in here......

Everything in life happens for a reason I believe, no matter how sad or all leads us into the 'next room'...and beyond....

Lizzie :0)