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Posted By: Bugsy
16-Jan-00 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Fishfinger Song (Miles Wootton)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE FISHFINGER SONG (Miles Wootton)
written by the great Miles Wootton and part of my regular repertoire. The words, as recorded on his album "Sunday Supplement World" are slightly different from the version above

(Miles Wootton)

Come all ye jolly sail-i-ers, who sail across the sea;
And listen to this story I'm about to tell to thee.
Concerning them bold Fish-iar lads who sail the seas so wet;
A-hunting for fish fingers, with a harpoon and a net.

'Twas in the year of '64,or was it' 63-
We set sail from Basingstoke , bound for Amer-i-key.
The storms they was a-ra-ji-ing, and the waves a dreadful sight;
It took us forty days, me boys, to reach the Isle of Wight.

Our Captain's name was Gladys, he wore a dress of red;
Which might have been the reason he was not marr-i-ed.
He was a gay old sea-bitch and it was his fav-our-ite joy,
To take a turn around the deck with the handsome cabin boy.

And then off Iceland's icy shores, a mighty shoal we spied;
Of Froz-i-en Fish Fin-gi-ers, a-waiting to be fried.
With our harpoons at the ready my boys, upon that shoal we burst;
A-las, we was too late me lads, the Japanese had got there first.

Them Nippon lads came at we, they was a terrible crew;
A-brandishing tran-sis-ti-ers, and a-giving it the old Kung-Fu.
We sang them a sea shan-ti-ee, but they did not want to know;
And they slashed away our mizzen mast with one Karate blow.

We got back to old Eng-gi-land in a twelve month and a day;
It would have been much quicker, but we went the pretty way.
Take warning all ye sail-i-or lads what sails the sea in ships

Don't ever go fish fing-i-ering, just stick to Cod and Chips